As I recorded this album a few years ago, it was a labor of love. A love of these songs I had grown up with throughout my life as I had grown up in a loving Christian family where music was an important part of life. This music and my love for playing the guitar was passed down to me from my family-my uncles in particular. I then passed that same passion down to my son Colby. Colby was excited to be able to hand down that passion to his own son-a son to be born in February of 2001. On January 27, 2001 Colby was tragically killed in an automobile accident, leaving behind his wife Vera, 18 month old daughter Kendra, and soon to be born son Kyle.

Our lives were all changed on that day, in that one unforeseen moment. But our God is faithful-always! Not only in our brightest days, but also in our darkest. He didn’t leave us or forsake us that day-He carried us through our sorrow and our pain as He has for so many others and continues to do so each and every day.

Now these songs take on a new meaning, having a deeper knowledge of the faithfulness and mercy of God. As God took our beloved son Colby to be with Him, he blessed us 18 days later with our grandson Kyle. As Kyle has grown he has developed a special relationship with me, his ‘Papa’. Around the age of six months Kyle would cry to be in my lap when I would play the guitar. He wouldn’t squirm or claw at the guitar but would just sit quietly and listen. Now, Kyle is no longer sitting in my lap, but is playing right along with me every chance he gets when he comes to visit. I still realize that I will be “passing it down” to Kyle as I did to his dad.

This album is dedicated to the loving memory of the son whose ‘ten fingers, six strings, and one heart’ I dearly miss…