A lot of people want to know how to make music, produce it and sell, but I think they overlook a key component. Something that has been profound in my music making career has been learning to play music with other people. This is a skill every musician should develop.

Playing an instrument

Whether you play as an individual, in a band, or any creative mix, playing with other people can make a significant difference. Over the years of playing, practicing, and grinding the hours out, I learned that playing alongside another person has been one of two things that have brought me into the unique creator of music that I am today.

When I have my guitar and am playing in a group, it evolves from just my sound to the collaboration of everyone’s sound. That means everyones excitement, energy, and experience contributes to the style of the sound. Not only that, but it shapes the way you play in the future.

Each session with an instrument or your voice goes on to make you into the musician you will be.

The other contributor to a musician’s musical experience is their instruments. Going on to learn a new instrument is monumental. It is astounding how much one’s style and interests can change once they pick up a new instrument.

The next step is grabbing an instrument you can play with your favorite instrument. Harmonica or small instruments are prime candidates for the job.

Among other small instruments, Harmonicas are easy to learn and have incredible value as secondary instruments. My advice would be to go grab one of these cheaper, small instruments if you aren’t keen on learning something entirely new and more expensive.

Keep creating and exposing yourself to new ways of developing your sound!