About Ron Diller

Ron started playing the guitar at the age of nine, learning on a plastic model. As he progressed he played rhythm guitar with his brother and uncles whenever they got together or when they played at church. When his brother Lonnie went into the service Ron found himself playing alone and started listening to Chet Atkins records, which is how he learned to play ‘fingerstyle’ guitar.

He played in various Christian bands through the 70’s and 80’s, mostly on lead electric guitar. Since that time he has focused mainly on solo acoustic guitar using standard and alternative tunings with ‘bottleneck slide’ being one of his favorite styles.

Ron lives in Silverton, Oregon with Chris, his wife of over 44 years. They have a daughter Lindsay, granddaughters Marlie and Cammie and grandson Baylor who live in the Salem/Keizer area. Daughter-in-law Vera lives in Ventura, California with granddaughter Kendra and grandson Kyle.